You pay with a rechargeable payment card, which you can reload at any sales point.
The card itself is free (but you still need to load it) and can be used for both food and drinks.
It is the only payment method. Paying with cash or credit card at the bars and food stands is not possible.

Payment cards are available online on this webpage from August 15th until September 26th.
Just bring your PDF of your order and the amount will be automatically deposited on your rechargeable card.
From August 15th until the end of Kookeet you can get your payment card at In&Uit Bruges
(Concertgebouw – ‘t Zand 34).
It is also possible to purchase the payment card during the event itself at any sales point on the Kookeet square. We accept cash, Bancontact (Maestro), VISA or MasterCard. 

On the Kookeet site, you can scan your payment card at any cash register, bar and food stand.

Any amount that remains on your card after the event can be refunded via and this until October 15th 2018.

Do you still have some tokens left over from previous editions? No problem, you can still exchange these (this year only!) for a payment card. After that, they become collector’s items!



Create your personal profile and enjoy Kookeet to the maximum!

Your personal profile is directly linked to your rechargable card and allows you to:

-top up your rechargable card in the run-up to and during the festival. No more traffic jams at the cash registers!
-check your balance at any time online.
-check your transaction history online.
-programm an automatic top-up: you install a provided amount on your rechargable card (for example 50 euros). Each time you are (almost) out of credit, you can automatically recharge your card with only one click.

The personal profile also offers you a certainty against theft or lost: you can deactivate your rechargeable card in those cases. The new rechargeable card can be easily linked to your personal profile.