Food stand 31

Whiting (2019 fish of the year), pointed cabbage, puffed quinoa, herb salad, buttermilk sauce

Allergens: Milk, fish
Price: € 7.00



Chickpea taco, pointed cabbage, puffed quinoa, herb salad, emulsion of Baharat spice

Allergens: Milk
Price: € 7.00


Champagne suggestion: Ultra Pinot Blanc Célébration
Beer suggestion: Straffe Hendrik Wild



Restaurant Patrick Devos

Patrick Devos

Cooking is a passion. Every day, Patrick Devos uses fresh produce, turning it into delicious dishes for his customers to enjoy. The emphasis is on healthy cuisine with lots of vegetables. Patrick Devos is always looking for people who grow a quality product. Motivated people who work hard, but are passionate about what they do. By keeping in close contact with these producers, he knows exactly when each product is at its best. That is how the customer gets the delicious taste of local produce on his plate.



Zilverstraat 41
8000 Brugge
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