Food stand 4

crepe with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce

Allergens: egg, gluten, milk
Price: € 7.00


Champagne suggestion: Champagne Résidence Pierre Prestige
Beer suggestion: Liefmans Fruitesse On The Rocks



Patisserie Academie

Tom Van Loock

In Patisserie Academie, Tom Van Loock presents a seasonal selection based on taste and textures. He is constantly searching for the essence, with a focus on pure flavours and top-quality ingredients. There is a limited use of butter and sugar, which makes the pastries lighter and better highlights the other ingredients. In the patisserie and its adjoining hall, you will always find something to your taste: both new creations and old classics, often reworked in surprising new ways.



Vlamingstraat 56
8000 Brugge
050 33 05 15