Food stand 24

Hubert’s famous kebab: grilled lamb, yoghurt

Allergens: Nuts, sesame seed, soy
Price: € 8.00


Champagne suggestion: Champagne Résidence Pierre Prestige
Beer suggestion: Sportzot



Gastrobar Hubert

Guillaume Noël

Gastrobar Hubert is a relative newcomer to the Bruges dining scene and is based on the idea of the English gastropub, where refined food and drink are served in a pleasant pub atmosphere. A gastrobar takes this concept a step further. The dishes are honest and straightforward, but of an exceptional quality. You can drop in at Gastrobar Hubert for a good glass of wine with a selection of cold meats, but also for a sharing menu.




Langestraat 155
8000 Brugge
+32 (0)50 64 10 09