Food stand 22

Baked eel, duck foie gras, garden herb cream

Allergens: fish
Local products: yes
Price: € 7.00


Champagne suggestion: Champagne Résidence Pierre Ultra Pink
Beer suggestion: Tripel d'Anvers



Den Dyver

Bert Carly en Frederik De Vestele

Den Dyver, situated at the most magical setting in Bruges, is a genuine bistro. In addition to its classics, the menu also devotes considerable attention to fish and seafood. The wine card is outstanding and harmonizes with the dishes conjured up by chef Frederik De Vestele, assisted by Bert Carly. Maître d’hôtel Pascal Dezutter flawlessly conducts his team through each service and creates a unique atmosphere, popular with both Bruges locals and tourists alike



Dijver 5
8000 Brugge
050 33 60 69