Food stand 25

Like a taco (corn, mussels, miso)

Allergens: shellfish,lactose
Local products: yes
Price: € 8.00



Like a taco (corn, avocado, miso)

Allergens: lactose
Local products: yes
Price: € 7.00


Champagne suggestion:Champagne Résidence Pierre Prestige
Beer suggestion: Tank 7




Bruno Timperman

The Flemish kitchen at its finest finds perfect expression at Bruut, where terroir and tradition are given a surprising new make-over. With a combination of local produce and modern vision, Bruno Timperman offers a new perspective on our food culture. Wistfully looking back to the past, when craft was a virtue, he uses fresh, honest, seasonal and regional produce, prepared with great respect and care. Bruut offers dining in a homely and relaxing setting, in a historic building overlooking the city's canals.



Meestraat 9
8000 Brugge
050 69 55 09