Food stand 18

Dimsum Terre et Mer

Allergens: egg, gluten, lupin, milk, shellfish, celery, soy, fish
Local products: yes
Price: € 7.00



Vegetarian dimsum with almond nuts

Allergens: egg, gluten, lupin, milk, celery, soy, nuts
Local products: yes
Price: € 7.00


Champagne suggestion: Champagne Résidence Pierre Prestige
Beer suggestion: Vedett Session IPA 2.7



Bistro Refter

Günther Pierret en Louis Van Hecke

Bistro Refter is a contemporary brasserie that respects traditional product-based cuisine. In a pleasant environment, you can enjoy a three-course menu with quality products and selected inexpensive wines. All against the backdrop of the open kitchen, where you can enjoy watching a team of experienced chefs hard at work. The canteen concept is combined with the enduring kitchen of yesteryear. The name -Refter - refers to the refectory or canteen of the former Carmelite convent, where the restaurant is located



Molenmeers 2
8000 Brugge
050 44 49 00