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 Kookeet is an unmissable annual rendezvous for gourmets, bon vivants and gastronomes. During this feast for the taste buds, more than 100,000 visitors will put together their own menus by choosing from a wide range of delicious dishes. Kookeet’s ninth edition has again got what it takes to turn this top event into one of the gastronomic highlights of the year! 

 For three days, 31 Bruges top chefs and guest chef Jannis Brevet, good for nine Michelin stars between them, serve scrumptious dishes of the very highest quality. Each chef serves a dish that best reflects his/her culinary talent. Having fun, making new culinary discoveries, meeting new people or old friends in a stylish setting: Kookeet is a top event for all the senses!

The quality of the dishes is carefully monitored by a group of five gastronomic experts: Geert Van Hecke (Zet’joe*), Filip Claeys (De Jonkman**), Patrick Devos (Restaurant Patrick Devos), Dominique Persoone (The Chocolate Line) and Peter Laloo (Rock-Fort).

This year we welcome two newcomers to Kookeet: Restaurant Franco Belge and Goesepitte 43. In keeping with the Kookeet tradition, there will also be a guest chef this year. We are extremely proud that three-star chef Jannis Brevet (NL) has agreed to join the Kookeet team.

Whoever wishes to experience Kookeet as a VIP can book a special VIP arrangement, which will allow you to be pampered by our chefs for two whole hours in the stylish VIP tent.

Kookeet was launched in 2011 with the dual intention of putting culinary talent from Bruges firmly on the map and also making Bruges gastronomy available to a wide public at affordable prices. 23 of the city's top chefs came together on the Market Square in a huge open-air restaurant. What started so modestly in 2011 soon grew to become a highly popular and much appreciated success. As a result, Bruges is now widely recognized as a centre of top-class gastronomy. After nine years, however, the time has now come for a new story with a new approach, which will be rolled out in 2020

We intend to go out in style and are proud of what we have achieved with our team of Bruges chefs over the past nine years, all under the watchful eye of the 'godfather' of Kookeet, Geert Van Hecke (Zet’joe*).

Kookeet 2019 will be an edition you really don't want to miss! An event to enjoy. An event to experience. An event to give you even more appetite for top Bruges gastronomy!


You can sample the most delicious dishes at Kookeet, often prepared with farm-fresh and other local produce from the Bruges region. 



Kookeet goes to great lengths to respect the environment.

·         The plates and cutlery are 100% biodegradable.

·         Drinks are served in glasses instead of disposable cups.

·         Waste is properly sorted and collected.

·         Visitors are asked to reuse their cutlery.

·         Kookeet works with local suppliers, where possible.

·         The chefs use local and seasonal produce, where possible.

·         The event is easy to reach by public transport.

·         Extra temporary bike racks will be installed.

·         There are no paper food and drink vouchers but reusable tokens.




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The Kookeet working group is headed by Brugge Plus vzw. Members of the working group are: Geert Van Hecke (peter van Kookeet, Zet’joe*), Dominique Persoone (The Chocolate Line), Patrick Devos (Restaurant Patrick Devos), Filip Claeys (De Jonkman**), Peter Laloo (Rock-Fort), Lieve Moeremans, Ann Perneel, Peggy Slingeneyer, Griet De Prest en Rien Vandermeersch  (Brugge Plus vzw)


Ann Perneel
050 44 30 08

Griet De Prest
050 44 20 04 / 0474 473 464

Peggy Slingeneyer | 050 45 50 03

Matthias Desmet (in charge of creative matters for the City of Bruges)

Brugge Plus vzw